Through a participative learning environment and one-on-one coaching we enable our clients to build productive business relationships through open, honest and effective communication. We believe integrity and authenticity are foundational for a vibrant, customer-focused organization to grow and succeed in achieving its vision. We build a values-based context for comprehensive learning and support successful utilization of that learning with a structured and successful 28-day coaching process. Participants develop more self-confidence and versatility in building relationships and communicating with colleagues and customers to produce results.

Learning can be directed inward to build and strengthen internal relationships or outward to develop and improve relationships and communication with external audiences such as potential and existing customers, clients and stakeholders. Our company views effective communication in a broad sense so you can apply learning to many diverse situations.

Clients consistently highlight as unique our use of the video camera. We work with small groups and provide real-time feedback and coaching to enhance communication competencies.

We tailor sessions focused on: We have successfully impacted our clients' goals and objectives as evidenced through their repeat business, their referrals and their testimonials. Our clients are companies of the Fortune 500 as well as smaller organizations and not-for-profits. Sectors include financial services, insurance, health care, international software, higher education, distribution, and manufacturing.